Vardavar (Transfiguration) is one of the most favourite and cheerful Armenian holidays. It is devoted to the outstanding event of Jesus Christ’s transfiguration, when his disciples saw him becoming radiant on Tabor Mountain. According to some specialists, Vardavar is related to the Flood and Noah’s going ashore from the Ark.  

Vardavar is one of the oldest holidays in Armenia, which was originally celebrated by pagan Armenians. This is the reason of preservation of the pagan customs of the holiday, such as pouring water on each other, releasing doves, etc. According to the legend, when during the Flood Noah found haven on Mount Ararat and then climbed down from its peak the Armenian month of Navasard started. Noah ordered his sons to pour water over each other in remembrance of the Flood.  

Vardavar was celebrated through pilgrimage to the holy places and waters of the famous mountains. During the festivity people were collecting corn ears from the fields and taking them to the Church to sanctify in order to protect the fields from hail and damage. The girls were making bouquets from various flowers and throwing them to their relatives and neighbours yards at night so that nobody could see them. They were weaving beautiful bouquets from wheat ears, called khachbours. 

Vardavar was a very festive holiday. Young people used to make fire and meet dawn around it by performing a group dance. The dances were followed by singing, games, and jokes. In the morning the girls were going from door to door and getting presents for the flowers donated by them. 

One of the important Vardavar rites was flying doves. The doves which were kept specifically for Vardavar during the whole year were flying upt admiring the audience and their trainers in particular. 

The most widely spread and festive Vardavar custom is pouring water on each other, which has been done up to he present day. Starting form the morning old and young, men and women, friends and strangers are pouring water on each other with buckets and other vessels. No one should get offended. People are happy and nice this day. This is one of the most awaited and favorite holidays for kids and young people. 

Vardavar is a beautiful holiday. Instead of listening stories about it one should visit Armenia, the first country to adopt Christianity, which is considered to be one of the world’s greatest sacred places.




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Mark Saghatelyan



Today marks the 21th anniversary of the Armenian army.


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4th Congress of the ULNP

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MIAK's Territorial Subvision of Lori region took part in the annual, local event entitled "Lori Winter".

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Friday night 27.01.2012

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Armenian army.

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Friday night 25.02.11

MIAK is 4 years old

Friday night 21.01.11

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MIAK's general secretary Ara Hovsepyan bacame a father

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BAZE 2010

Friday night 27.08.10


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Address of the President of the Republic of Armenia

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Friday night 12.03.10

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The US Congress approves the Armenian Genocide resolution

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Olympics 2010-Armenia will be represented by 4 athletes

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MIAK congratulates the prime minister of RA on his birthday

Friday night 22.01.10

Haiti has been rocked with another earthquake

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Friday night 25.12.09

MIAK held its final meeting for 2009

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Ararat marz was also included in the enrollment process

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Friday night 24.07.09

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MIAK Opens its Second Regional Office in Syunik Marz

Tehran-Yerevan Airplane Crash


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Discussion on the Peculiarities of the Armenian Political Field in the Framework of "Conversations on Politics"

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MIAK Program Discussion from "Conversations on Politics" Series

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MIAK regional office in Vayots Dzor marz

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The Meeting from the "Conversations on Politics" Series

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Friday night 05.06.09

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MIAK regional office in Tavush Marz

Friday night 15.05.09

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Friday night 27.03.09

MIAK III Assembly took place in Ijevan

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MIAK is 1 year old

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MIAK Second Extraordinary Congress to Take Place in Gyumri on December 1

Friday night 16.11.07

Friday night 10.10.07


Friday night 10.08.07

Friday night 27.07.07

Friday night 13.07.07

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Announcement of MIAK 3rd Assembly

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